Is There A True Possibility That We Could See Shawn On Girl Meets World? Yes!

Is there a possibility that Rider Strong signs on for Girl Meets World? According to BuzzFeed’s article, we shouldn’t rule it out. (Let’s not celebrate just yet. Do it Rider strong, Do it!)

Rider said he and his former Boy Meets World co-stars were relatively blindsided when news broke about the spin-off before any deals were finalized.

“The internet just exploded with the news. And that sort of brought us all together because we all started instantly calling each other, being like, ‘What’s going on?’ ‘What do you know?’ So that was when the four of us started having dinners — Ben, Danielle, Will, and I — and we decided to all keep in touch. It was really the Girl Meets World thing that brought us back together,” Rider said, explaining they’ve gotten together for “epic” dinner parties.

Even though he’s excited for the new show, Rider admitted he’s nervous it won’t live up to the original ABC show’s standards.

“Not to make it too highfalutin, but there’s this sense that we did something kind of magical and that feels obviously very personal and precious. I’m confident now, after having had many conversations with Michael and the writing staff and Ben and Danielle… What I saw when I visited the set made me feel like the respect for the original show was going to be maintained and that the tone was going to be very similar.”

On whether he’ll reprise his role as Shawn Hunter

Boy Meets World - Rider Strong - Shawn Hunter

Explaining there is “nothing official yet,” Rider said he’s had a few hypothetical conversations with Michael Jacobs (who created Boy Meets World and is writing Girl Meets World) about what Shawn Hunter would be doing.

“Michael’s whole rule with Shawn was always that Shawn has to be miserable and that nothing can be good in Shawn’s life. So, we talked about a couple different versions and I’m not sure which way it’s going to end up happening and none of them are very happy,” Rider said. “It’s part of the dynamic of the show that Cory and Topanga are very happy and that they form, especially with their new family, this very healthy cornerstone and Shawn has to be there for the counterpoint of what life would be like if Cory and Topanga didn’t have each other, if they didn’t have their families.”

If Shawn does come back, this awesome handshake should be the the very first thing we see from the greatest friendship ever.

Who is secretly hoping that Riley’s best friend Maya is Shawn’s Daughter?
Not just us…right?




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