Boy Meets World DVD Box Set Get’s Released Nov. 5th and Girl Meets World Begins Production!

Boy Meets World Box Set

The complete Boy Meets World DVD collection will be available for purchase November 5th! We want this for our birthday’s and holidays…right now.

Consider this release a gift to the future generation and teaching tool.

All seven seasons have never officially been released for the purchase before so get on this ASAP!

Relive Cory’s adventures and Mr. Feeny’s never ending wisdom.

As we get geared up for the DVD release, we also get the awesome news that production of Girl Meets World has started/will start this month!

We are still hoping it’s enough time for Disney to air Girl Meets World January/February 2014.

Click Here To Watch a Boy Meets World Video of Danielle Fishel and Ben Savage talk about Mr. Feeny

Is There A True Possibility That We Could See Shawn On Girl Meets World? Yes!

We Might Find Out What Happened to Turner + We Will See Amy and Alan!


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