Ben Savage = Cory Matthews

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At just 11 years old, Ben Savage landed the role of Cory Matthews, the titular character on Boy Meets World that would define his career. After seven years of oversized flannel shirts, an epic romance with Danielle Fishel’s Topanga (or Corpanga, as Tumblr now knows them), and endless words of wisdom from next-door-neighbor-turned-perpetual-teacher Mr. Feeny (William Daniels), the ABC primetime series came to an end and Savage and the rest of the cast and crew said goodbye to the Philadelphia family that felt like their own.

That is, until a year ago, when it was announced that Disney Channel would continue the story of Cory and Topanga — now married with children — the eldest of which, Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), will be the new focus of spinoff series Girl Meets World. For some, it would be a strange feeling to revisit a character he or she left behind more than a decade ago. But for Savage, it was like coming home. “It’s the same exact executive producer, it’s the same writers, it’s the same cast, and it even comes down to — in typical Cory fashion, which is also typical Ben fashion — the same script supervisor that we had since the beginning of Boy Meets World. We even have some of the exact same crew,” the now 33-year-old actor told BuzzFeed. “I did everything I could to make sure we had some of the same people. To turn around and see people who have known you and supported you for years, it’s a great thing.”

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Savage won the part of Cory 20 years ago after meeting with co-creator and executive producer Michael Jacobs. “I had met with Michael when I think I was 11. I just remember going to meet with him at his offices at Disney in Burbank,” he recalled of the life-changing encounter. “I remember us talking and hitting it off and one thing kind of led to another and twenty-some odd years later, here we are.”

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Here, of course, is Girl Meets World, where Savage now plays grown-up Cory, a New York City middle-school history teacher (cue the Feeny homage aww’s) for Riley and her best friend Maya’s (Sabrina Carpenter) 7th grade class. He and Topanga, who owns an afterschool hangout that specializes in pudding, also have a younger son named Louis (August Maturo). Though using the same script supervisor should help with any consistency issues between Boy Meets World and its spinoff, it bears mentioning that in Season 1 of the original series, 11-year-old Cory had a different idea as to what he and Topanga would name their hypothetical offspring (see right). “Unfortunately, they’re not Chewbacca and Plankton,” Savage said, laughing. “However, I’m sure we’ll address that at some point.”

Savage said he, Fishel, and Jacobs, who is serving as the executive producer of Girl Meets World as well, talked a lot before agreeing to sign on for the Disney Channel series. “We just wanted to make sure that we were doing this properly and that we were doing it for the right reasons and that we weren’t going to hurt the legacy of the show,” Savage said. “I think once we kind of checked off all the things on our checklist, the choice was easy, but there was a lot to talk about and there were weeks of discussions. But it all came together.”

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