Eric Matthews and Girl Meets World

Back in October Will Friedle announced to the world that he was not going to be joining Girl Meets World.

Will told Mashable “I will only be involved in the show as a fan. I know rumors got around that I would be joining, but I have no plans to be on right now. Who knows what will happen — if there is a reunion show, I would go and be with everyone, but Ben [Savage] and Danielle [Fishel] will be great introducing it to a new audience. I would love to see what Mr. Feeny and Eric are up to right now, though,” he said. “Eric could be either living on the streets or a senator. As an actor, I hope they do some Boy Meets World references, but at the same time, I want them to give the new cast a chance to find their characters.” “I don’t really do on-camera acting anymore,” he said. “I love voice over animation work and I’m having a lot of fun doing it.”

The huge take away you should get from that are the words: RIGHT NOW. C’mon guys, do we really think that we won’t see this lovable character on Girl Meets World? Do we really think that he’s just going to spectate? Do we really think that the Feeny call will be lost forever in our memories! No way. One thing is for sure, Girl Meets World is it’s own show. Michael Jacobs and the writers have to focus on the new guys right now. We as an audience must fall in love with the new generation. We think that Will Friedle wants to be part of this show more than he leads us to believe. With the new characters and story lines set in place for the future, the possibility for a Feeny call can become a reality. It’s up to to the viewers to make sure that Girl Meets World is a hit, because if it is there’s no doubt in our minds that Eric Matthews will return to our living rooms.

Something to keep in mind, we’ve been seeing Will Friedle and the original Boy Meets World cast a lot with the new cast. The chemistry between everyone is great and people are enjoying themselves. The more we see Will out there with the new cast, the greater the chances are of him making a surprise cameo. We can only hope. Obviously none of this is fact, just pure observation. After all, we were the first to figure out that Girl Meets World was going to happen.

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