12 Reasons Eric & Mr. Feeny Had the Most Underrated Bromance on Boy Meets World

By Corinne Sullivan in ENTERTAINMENT

Though our beloved ’90s TV show centered around the friendship between Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter, their relationship wasn’t the only one that made Boy Meets World so great. To celebrate the release of the Complete Collection DVD, here are just a few reasons why we think the bromance between Eric and Mr. Feeny also deserves some love.

1. They felt comfortable enough to tease each other.

2. They brought clarity to each other’s lives.



3. They could ask each other difficult questions and expect honest answers.

4. They celebrated each other’s accomplishments.

5. They were accepting of each other’s quirks.



6. They missed each other when they weren’t together…

7. …and they could still recognize each other even after years apart.




8. They gave each other the tough love they needed to hear.

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