We Are Going To See Cory’s Brother On Girl Meets World!

OK, OK, OK! Not the brother you are probably thinking about. It’s actually Joshua Matthews! remember that little nugget of joy on Boy Meets World? According to EOnline.com:

Sarah: Cory and Topanga are my OTP. Girl Meets World better be amazinggggg. Got any goods?
We’re going to meet Riley’s uncle! Not Eric, but Joshua. Now in his teens, Joshua is the “cool” uncle to Riley and Auggie. Viewers first met the youngest Matthews brother in season six of Boy Meets World.

So it’s no Eric, but we’ll take Joshua any day. We have many questions for the little one, or should we say big teen? Will Joshua become a regular? Which sibling’s characteristics does he resemble, if that? Will he goes to school with his niece?

Joshua 1 joshua 2 Joshua 3

One thing is for sure, the hype is just increasing as we come closer to the Summer. For more information and updates, like us on:





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