What Happened To Shawn’s Sister?


Huge fans of Boy Meets World will tell you that Shawn once had a sister…and then she disappeared (just like Topanga’s sister). Her name was Stacy and she was briefly introduced to us in season 1 when Cory had his hair debacle. Then just like that, she was never mentioned again.

Read Entertainment Weekly’s  exclusive that features Rider Strong and Will Friedle talk about some of the inconsistences Boy Meets World had during its run:

“Of course, there was a time before the series had its core trio firmly established. According to Strong, BMW in its early days was determined to find two male best friends for its protagonist — which is why several season 1 installments feature Cory and Shawn hanging out with a third kid who subsequently disappears into the ether. Strong says that after one of those third wheels was let go from the show, he was even given all of the other kid’s lines — which explains why in the season 1 episode “Cory’s Alternative Friends,” Shawn says he has a sister named Stacy. (Nobody ever mentions Stacy again.)”

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