Shawn and Cory’s Parents WILL Appear in a Girl Meets World Episode!

Who just got really excited? WE DID! Read the article below which is also available on EW! Let nostalgia take you over. 😀

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Disney Channel just released a photo from an upcoming episode of Girl Meets World, and it appears that Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel) and their kids will be joined for dinner by some Boy Meets World faves: William Russ, Betsy Randle, and…Rider Strong! A rep for the show confirmed to EW it’s for a holiday episode.

Russ and Randle played Cory’s parents on the original series; Strong, of course, portrayed Cory’s BFF Shawn. This is the first confirmation fans have gotten that any of them will return on the new show.

Fishel also tweeted the above photo, adding the message: “Happy to have these familiar faces on set with us this week!”


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Girl Meets World Episode 6 Pic + Premiere Announced!

Photo Taken By Ben Savages Phone.

Photo Taken By Ben Savages Phone.

Girl Meets World is being shot episode by episode! Can you feel it? Our brains are growing impatient and the need to fill the Boy Meets World void is becoming unbearable. We keep seeing picture on top of picture of the new cast mates. But we want more. We want to know! Know what? We want to know when the diamond of a show will premiere! We all heard it was Jan/Feb, but obviously the rumor is being put to rest as we are nearing the end of Jan. So when? When are we going to Cory and Topanga’s Chewbacca and Plankton?

Well is been sorta kinda confirmed by EW (Entertainment Weekly) in the photo below:

Photo by EW

Photo by EW


Yes, it says Summer! Can it really be? We can only hope, and pray, and wait. We’ll never stop waiting, but the anticipation is killing us!

We Might Find Out What Happened to Turner + We Will See Amy and Alan!


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By Jacob

Mr. Turner was a perfect mixture of friend and mentor for Shawn, Cory and Topanga. He helped further the development and maturity of Boy Meets World. After Mr. Turners motorcycle accident in Boy Meets World, there has been very little talk about what happened to him. Did he get married? Is he still a teacher? Did he open up his own barber shop that only features the ‘mullet’?!

Well according to Michael Jacobs, we’ll find out soon enough in Girl Meets World, “If I get my way, you will find out what happened to Mr. Turner, and you will find out what happened to everybody,” he told EW during an interview for the annual EW reunions issue. “[Quinn] was one of the first people who got in touch with me after [Girl Meets World] was announced. And what it made me realize is not only does the audience, but the people who were on the show have a fondness for [the show]. So I will not answer your question…because I will answer the question on the series.”

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All in all, Michael Jacobs asks of us just one thing: patience. You know what? Sign us up! If that means we could possibly see Mr.Turner/Shawn/Eric/Jack/Rachel/Angela in the future then patience will be our friend.

After the Mr. Turner announcement, we later found out via an OKMagazine interview with Betsy Randle and Maitland Ward that Amy and Alan will be a part of the Girl Meets World series eventually! And makes sense, they are the greatest parents ever.

One more thing….what ever happened to Josh Mathews? Will be see that little dude too? Or will he disappear like Shawn’s sister and Topanga’s sister did? We’ll find out soon enough.

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