Will Friedle is on TWITTER!

Could it be? Is Mr. Plays With Squirrels finally among us?

It appears to be so and we’re really excited about that.

We can finally tweet at him and find out what’s he’s been up to.

Maybe even pick his brain regarding Girl Meets World.

We missed you Will!

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From August Maturo’s Instagram

Will we see Minkus cameo in Girl Meets World? We think that would be amazing! Bring on the nostalgia!

‘Girl Meets World’ Writers Tease First ‘Boy Meets World’ Guest Star!

Article From Bustle.com
Written By Christine Distasio

The Girl Meets World writers room officially launched their Twitter account with the handle, @GMWWriters, a mere 23 hours ago, but they’ve already got all of us living withBoy Meets World nostalgia in a stir. The account, that’s validity was confirmed by Danielle Fishel yesterday and is followed by the actress formerly known as Topanga Lawrence and Ben Savage, has only tweeted three times so far, but glorious and fan frenzy-inspiring tweets they have been. Ever since Disney announced their plans to build a sequel to everyone’s favorite show we’ve all been wondering whether or not and when we’d get to see some of the familiar faces we grew to love in the 90s and now we know that we will.

The writers’ first tweet played on the famous first words of Morgan Matthews upon her return as an adolescent after a long, unexplained absence, “That was the longest time out I’ve ever had!” And their subsequent tweets have been teasing that they’ve chosen the show’s first former Boy Meets World cast guest star. That’s right, your dreams for Girl Meets World are officially going to come true — it’s going to be as nostalgic as you were hoping it’d be. Now it’s only a matter of who from the BMW cast will be the first to return, here’s the top five guest stars we’d want to see.

First, the tweets that have our imaginations spinning out of control as to who the first guest star will be:

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